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Flutist Martin Belič and pianist Ivan Ferčič stand out in the company of the most successful Slovenian musicians of the younger generation.

After graduating from the Maribor Conservatory, Martin Belič studied with Irena Grafenauer, Herti Mergl and Michael Martin Kofler at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. During his studies, he was the winner of a number of national and international competitions, and began to establish himself as an orchestral, chamber and solo performer. He worked in several orchestras as a flutist and soloist. He is a regular member of the jury at the international Theobald Böhm competition in Munich. In 2007, he became the flutist in one of the best European orchestras: the Munich Philharmonic under the leadership of maestro Valery Gergiev.
Ivan Ferčič also started his musical education in Maribor and continued his studies with Tatjana Ognjanovič at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. He attended international piano schools and began early with solo and chamber performances. During his education, he attended some international and national competitions. He received some golden plaques and at the end of June 2009 represented Slovenia in Prague at the first international pianist competition from EU Member States, organized by piano teachers association EPTA.

After completing their education, Martin Belič and Ivan Ferčič also preserved a curious musical spirit with which they seek to find new music worlds and inspiring new partnerships. The album of the Theobald Böhm opus is also a story about this - the noble selection of virtuoso compositions, in which the flute plays a central part.

Theobald Böhm (1794–1881) decisively influenced the history of music of the 19th century. Besides Anton Bernhard Fürstenau (1792–1852), he was acknowledged as the finest flautist in Germany, other critics called him the best flautist of his time and the “Paganini of the flute”. As a flute teacher he taught more than a hundred pupils and his Munich flute school enjoyed the highest esteem worldwide. As the other great virtuosos of his time, Niccolò Paganini (1782–1840) and Franz Liszt (1811–1886), he also composed for his instrument, and his works, which are far more than mere romantic virtuosic entertaining music, assure him a honourable place among the composers of the 19th century. However, he earned the greatest posthumous fame as perhaps most important instrument maker of his time with the invention of the Böhm flute, named after him. Finally, he also gained a reputation as an inventor in other fields.
From 1818 on, Theobald Böhm received practical lessons in composition with the court conductor Peter von Winter, who, as Beethoven and Schubert, had studied with Antonio Salieri in Vienna, and theoretical lessons in composition with Joseph Grätz, who, as Carl Maria von Weber, had been trained by Michael Haydn in Salzburg. From about 1820 on, he received instruction in instrumentation from his friend, the court conductor Joseph Hartmann Stuntz, a pupil of Winter and Salieri. Theobald Böhm left 37 works with opus numbers, and 54 arrangements without opus numbers, 26 arrangements of them are for the alto flute in G. 20 works and one arrangement can be played with orchestra or piano accompaniment. Opus 1–18 were composed for the conical wooden flute of old construction, opus 19–24 were composed for the conical ring-keyed flute invented in 1832, the first model of the Böhm flute, and opus 25–37 were composed for the cylindrical metal flute invented in 1847, the second model of the Böhm flute.


                                                                                From the Preface to the Complete Edition
                                                                                © 2010 Theobald Böhm Archiv, München



1. Souvenir des Alpes No.5, Op. 31, Andante pastorale (listen!)
2. Rondo à la Tarantella, Op. 34
3. Larghetto, Op. 35
4. Pot-pourri de valses de Schubert et d'autres compositeurs, Op. 18
5. Andante, Op. 33 
6. Grand Polonaise, D - Dur, Op. 16


No. Title Duration Listen MP3
1 Souvenir des Alpes No. 5 Andante pastorale, Op. 31 4:18
0,69 EUR
2 Rondo a la Tarantella, Op. 34 4:19
0,69 EUR
3 Larghetto, Op. 35 6:43
0,69 EUR
4 Pot-pourri de valses de Schubert et d'autres compositeurs, Op. 18 8:08
0,69 EUR
5 Andante, Op. 33 5:07
0,69 EUR
6 Grand Polonaise, D - Dur, Op. 16 12:33
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