Format: CD

Šifra: 113437

EAN: 3838898113437


Kaja Draksler ( born in Kranj, Slovenia, in 1987 is a pianist and composer, currently residing in Amsterdam. In 2013, she finished classical composition Masters studies at The Conservatory of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She obtained her Bachelor Degree in jazz piano with honors at Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen, The Netherlands in June 2009.
Her first solo CD, The Lives of Many Others, released in October 2013 with Clean Feed Records, was well received on the jazz circuit. In 2011 her Acropolis Quintet was chosen as one of the three best European groups for 12 Points! Plus program. In 2010 she premiered (as pianist and composer) her Concerto for Piano and Katarchestra entitled Perseus. From September till December 2009 she was living in New York, studying privately with Vijay Iyer and Jason Moran. In November 2009 she released her third record as a leader with Acropolis Quartet and guest Sanem Kalfa- Türkü. . In summer 2008 she released her second album Akropola, presenting her original music with her quartet. Since 2007 she's been working with the European Movement Jazz Orchestra (debut CD with Clean Feed Records was out in 2011- Live in Coimbra) for which she's been commissioned to write music. In 2007 she released her first CD with her group Katarchestra (presenting herself as composer and conductor). 

She is the leader of Acropolis Quintet and the founder of BadBooshBand. As a pianist and composer she is also working in duets with Onno Govaert (Feecho), Susana Santos Silva, and Matiss Čudars.

Kaja Draksler, piano
Mattia Magatelli, bass
Luca Marini, drums

1. Antoino  (
2. AMonk
3. Con una Dedica
4. Vsak samo še tokrat
5. Forrest Road
6. The Next Steamy Ray
7. 1/2 Past Midnight
8. Južni otok