Format: CD

Šifra: 114441

EAN: 3838898114441


Welcome to The Port of Life.
The Port of Life is a harbor of hope, revival and a new birth.
It’s a sonic experience based on a personal story and an honest confession of an immigrant on an unforgiving emotional path of acculturation.
The very first drafts of this music were sketched in January of 2011, when I left my hometown in Slovenia to pursue my dreams and find the happiness and inner fulfillment abroad, in New York City.  Created through more than five year long difficult process, the music on this record represents the most honest reflection of my development as an artist and a human being in that period.
While every movement on this album can be listened to individually, it functions and sounds significantly different when listened to in the context of an entirety. Despite the fast paced and busy lifestyles we are all in, I encourage you take 75 minutes out of your life, press play at and let the music take you on a unique journey.


1. Twilight
Very slowly...
the light dwindles in the waves of the warm breath of spring.
The gracious silhouette of the Manhattan panorama opens up before your eyes, when you enter the shallow waters of the upper New York Bay through the massive gates of Narrows.
Exhausted, dirty and hungry, with a harmonious dissonance of interlacing language structures, in the distance, you can already see the contour of the place where you will make your first steps in the promised land...
... the infamous island called Ellis.


1. The Port of Life, Dusk (
2. The Narrows Gateway
Acculturation Suite
3. Prelude
4.  I. Farewell
5. Marko’s Transition
6. II. Euphoria
7. Lenart’s Transition
8.  III. Collapse
9. Intermezzo
10. IV. Alienation
11. Myles’ Transition
12. V. Adjustment
13. Žan’s Transition
14.  VI. A New Beginning
15. The Port of Life, Dawn