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Šifra: 115288

EAN: 3838898115288

It is with great honor to introduce another fantastic compilation of the best JAZZ CLUB GAJO sounds in nearly 25 years. I am proud to say that all musicians and musical contributors on this record are the very best of Slovenian and largely European Jazz in this moment. This record is a dedication to all jazz musicians who helped to create Slovenian Jazz from the beginning till now. Please enjoy this amazing musical inspiration. On a personal note, »Thank you -  my Jazz Mentors and Giants - Jože Privšek, Janez Gregorc and Petar Ugrin! I miss you so much and my heart is forever empty since you left...«.

Drago Gajo


In 70's Pharoah Sanders wasn't listening to TONE JANŠA, neither Tone was listening to Pharoah but two musicians at two different parts of the world were creating at the same time unbelievably similar music. It is obvious where both of them got inspiration — Coltrane.
Cosmic Sounds UK

From the railway station, cut across Dvorak Street, walk along Beethoven Street (no, really) and you come to Ljubljana Jazz Club Gajo, a smart new place with black-and white decor, drinks at bargain prices and —- the night I was there — one of the best young pianists in Europe, PETER MIHELICH.
John Chadwick Jazz Journal UK

RENATO CHICCO extracts a rich full sound pianistically, the trio's time is excellent and the harmonic settings for the folk tunes are superb. Renato has created another respectful and most musical tribute to the Slovenian musical heritage.
Herb Pomeroy USA

DRAGO GAJO is a drummer of wide experience — he enjoyed an education at the Billy Moore Studio of Percussion, Los Angeles, and other halls of learning. His twelve-month tour with Woody Shaw was ground breaking. As a jazz club owner, he has been privileged to drum behind the likes of Clark Terry and a host of visiting Americans, as well as the cream of Europe's jazz musicians. Drago once said to me, slowly and deliberately: " I-like-jazz ". This may be obvious to musicians and fans, but like the great music he is often involved with, it was the intensity that counted.
Lawrence Brazier UK

NINA STRNAD is one of the best female jazz singers in Slovenia.
Janez Gregorc SLO


1. SUMMER OF '42 - Petar Ugrin, Ljubljana Jazz Selection, ZKP RTV 1993     6:06
(M. Legrand, Arr. P. Ugrin)
2. LJUBLJANA BY NIGHT - Peter Mihelič Trio, JCG Records 2002                   5:38
(P. Mihelič)
3. LIPA ZELENELA JE - Renato Chicco Trio, ZKP RTV 1997                             4:52
(Traditional, Arr. R. Chicco)
4. OB BISTREM POTOKU JE MLIN - Renato Chicco Trio, ZKP RTV 2000          6:50
(Traditional, Arr. R. Chicco)
5. ALL AT THE RIGHT TIME – Jazz Club Gajo Ouintet, ZKP RTV 1999             6:05
(Ž. Prešern, Arr. J. Privšek)
6. PO JEZERU - Tone Janša Ouartet, Long Way, ZKP RTV 2016                     4:09
(Traditional, Arr. T. Janša)
7. MOJ PIRAN - Nina Strnad, Braco Doblekar Big Band DOM, ZKP RTV 2009  3:40
(Tangerine original by V. Schertzinger, D. Wolpe, lyrics by M. Dekleva)
8. TIHA LUNA JASNO SIJE - Renato Chicco Trio, ZKP RTV 2000                    3:29
(Traditional, Arr. R. Chicco)
9. AUTUMN COLOURS - Jazz Club Gajo Quintet, ZKP RTV 1999                    7:15
(Ž. Prešern, Arr. J. Privšek)
10.WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MADE –  Nina Strnad, Braco Doblekar Big Band DOM, ZKP RTV 2009   4:02
(Lyrics by Maria Grever, Stanley Adams, Natalie Cole version)
11.DG BLUES - Jazz Club Gajo Quartet, Slovenian Jazz, ZKP RTV 2014       4:31
(P. Grašič)
12.ŠKRJANČEK POJE, ŽVRGOLI - Renato Chicco Trio, ZKP RTV 1997          8:57
(Traditional, Arr. R. Chicco)
13.NIGHT IMAGES - RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, Prelude to Summer, ZKP RTV 1990    2:33
(J. Gregorc)                                                                                      


Renato Chicco 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12
Peter Mihelič 2
Silvester Stingl 13
Dejan Pečenko 1

Žiga Golob 1, 3, 4, 8, 12
Saša Borovec 5, 9
Nikola Matošič 2
Jošt Drašler 11
Philipp Zari 6

Tadej Tomšič 5, 9
Tone Janša 6
Lenart Krečič 11

Petar Ugrin 1
Žan Prešern 5, 9

Jani Moder 11

Nina Strnad 7, 10

Drago Gajo

Braco Doblekar Big Band DOM 7,10

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra 13