Music for Dancing

Format: CD

Šifra: 113956

EAN: 3838898113956

The story about Tristan and Isolde is believed to be the pivotal motive power of the poetic traditions ever since the Medieval Europe. The motif of their romantic and tragic love has lived to see many versions as well as inspired numerous artists in the broadest spectrum of their activity – - from dramatic art, poetry, literature and music to fine arts in the widest sense of the word. The topic treated by the ballet performance, conceived as a comprehensive work of art, is based on the idea of love and the thesis of immortality, brought to the human existence by art. The world on the other side is a glass palace, full of blooming flowers and – simultaneously - the ultimate goal of realisation in the afterlife - a place, where the lovers’ souls meet in the eternity.

Growing up in a variety of social environments had a palpable influence on the creative work of Sašo Kalan. Born in Montreal in 1974, he moved to Ljubljana in the mid- 1980s; then, in 1993, the desire for a first-rate musical education took him to Vienna, where he graduated in sound engineering. He currently lives and works in Ljubljana, where in 2005 he established Sonolab, within which he works and creates his music as a freelance artist. His latest works are contemporary orchestral compositions for ballet choreographies, modern dance performances and stage plays, as well as sound design for film, sound installations and co-authored sound-poetry works. Kalan authored the sound installation for the Slovenian pavilion at the 2010 Architectural Biennale in Venice and a second time at the 2015 International Art Exhibition in Venice (UTTER – JAŠA). He also created the music for the stage play Divja račka (Wild duck) directed by Meta Hočevar (Ljubljana City Theatre) and did the sound design for the film Idila, directed by Tomaž Gorkič. Kalan also wrote music for the Prague Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space in 2015. 


First Performance: Premiere 30th October, 2014
Composer: Sašo Kalan
Performed by: Orchestra of the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana (3, 9, 10, 11), Conductor: Marko Gašperšič, Concert Master: Gregor Traven, Orchestral arrangements: Ludovic Laurent - Testoris (4, 12), Jean -Baptist Pelletier (10, 11 ), Boštjan Lipovšek – horn (2, 4), Luka Ropret – guitar (7), Irena Yebuah Tiran – voice (12) Sašo Kalan – Electronics  


1. Prelude 2:12
2. Transcedental 10:31
3. Codes 4:25
4. Agitation 4:10
5. Atmosphere VI I 1:34
6. Furor 6:30
7. Isolda’s Variations 5:30
8. Love Potion 8:34
9. Apophatic 6:40
10. Subsistence 7:32
11. Tristan’s Deat h 6:38
12. Liebestod 7:00