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4 CD box set. The internationally acclaimed composer Nina Šenk presents the selection of her chamber, ensemble and orchestral works.  She embraces wide fields of musical expression - fields of tranquil and virtuosic, abstract and poetic, known and unknown, new and historic. Extensive booklet with detailed notes & commentary.

Nina Šenk (1982) graduated in composition from the Ljubljana Academy of Music under Prof. Pavel Mihelčič, then continued her postgraduate studies in composition in Dresden under the mentorship of Prof. Lothar Voigtländer and obtained her master’s degree in the class of Prof. Matthias Pintscher at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, in 2008.
She is a recipient of many awards, including the European award for the best composition at the Young Euro Classic festival for her Violin Concerto in 2004, the Academy of Music Prešeren Award and the first prize at the Weimar Spring Festival of Contemporary Music for her composition Movimento fluido in 2008. In the 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 seasons, Nina Šenk was a Composer in Residence of the Staatstheater Cottbus Orchestra in Germany. In 2010, the Rector of the University of Ljubljana awarded her a special recognition for artistic work in the area of musical composition and performance as well as architecture. In 2017, she was awarded the Prešeren Fund Prize for her creative work in the previous two years.
Nina Šenk’s works have been performed at numerous important international festivals (New York Philharmonic Biennial, Salzburger Festspiele, Young Euro Classic Berlin, Kasseler Musiktage, Musica Viva Munich, Frankfurter Positionen, Weimarer Frühjahrstage, Heidelberger Frühling, Takefu Festival (Japan), Ljubljana Summer Festival, Slowind Festival, Slovenian Music Days, World Music Days, World Saxophone Congress, etc.) and in many other concerts around the world with various orchestras and ensembles (New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Staatstheater Cottbus Orchestra, Young Euro Classic Festival Orchestra, Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble InterContemporain, Ensemble Modern, Scharoun Ensemble, Ensemble Mosaik, London Sinfonietta, Ensemble United Berlin, Slowind Wind Quintet, Ensemble Aleph, Altera Veritas, MD7, DC8 Ensemble Concorde, Kammersymphonie Berlin and others).

About the Music of Nina Šenk
Nina Šenk inscribes her works on a broad musical field: a field of the calm and the virtuosic, the abstract and the poetic, the known and the unknown, the new and the historical. She trusts tradition, principles of symmetry, of balance, and yet often conceals this with a bravura contemporary écriture. She writes out her scores with great precision, but she knows where the music can benefit from more spontaneity and is open to the possibility of improvisation. Of importance to her is virtuosity, agility, yet in her works she increasingly delves into a tranquil sonic state. She respects genres and their rules, but she often bends them and, where necessary, ignores them altogether. If we stroll through three genre orientations – chamber, ensemble and concertante music – we can thus constantly encounter the transferal of one to another: symphonic colouring can be found even in duos, while a chamber ensemble can surprise us within an ambitious solo concerto.

Primož Trdan

CD1    Art
1 - 4    Impetus za alt saksofon in klavir (2006)    11:29
    Impetus for alto saxophone and piano (2006)
    Jan Gričar – alt saksofon/alto saxophone, Miha Haas – klavir/piano
5    Art II za sopran in pozavno (2012/2016)       8:31
    Art II for soprano and trombone (2012/2016)
    Maria Pönicke – sopran/soprano, Domen Gantar – pozavna/trombone
6    Odsevi za trobento in klavir (2013)      10:13
    Reflections for trumpet and piano (2013)
    Franc Kosem – trobenta/trumpet, Nina Prešiček – klavir/piano
7 - 10    Phases of Water za kvartet saksofonov (2006)       8:52
    Phases of Water for saxophone quartet (2006)
    LadieSaxophone Quartet
Petra Horvat – sopran saksofon/soprano saxophone, Weronika Partyka – alt saksofon/alto saxophone, Betka Bizjak Kotnik – tenor saksofon/tenor saxophone, Jovana Joka – bariton saksofon/baritone saxophone
11    One's Song za rog, violino, violončelo in harmoniko (2013/2015)       8:55
    One's Song for horn, violin, cello and accordion (2013/2015)
Saar Berger – rog/horn, Matjaž Porovne – violina/violin, Igor Mitrović – violončelo/cello, Klemen Leben – harmonika/accordion
12    Scratch za alt saksofon in cajon (2014)       9:23
    Scratch for alto saxophone and cajon (2014)
    Oskar Laznik – alt saksofon/alto saxophone, Simon Klavžar – cajon
13    Quasso za violino in klavir (2007)       8:53
    Quasso for violin and piano (2007)

    Anja Bukovec – violina/violin, Simon Krečič – klavir/piano


CD2    Dreamcatcher
1    Movimento fluido I za altovsko flavto, violončelo in klavir (2007)    13:03
    Movimento fluido I for alto flute, cello and piano (2007)
Anja Clift – altovska flavta/alto flute, Igor Mitrović – violončelo/cello, Emanuele Torquati – klavir/piano
2    Prelude za rog, dva klavirja ter dva violončela (2012)     12:02
    Prelude for horn, two pianos and two cellos (2012)
Mihajlo Bulajić – rog/horn, Emanuele Torquati – klavir/piano Miha Haas – klavir/piano, Igor Mitrović – violončelo/cello, Milan Hudnik – violončelo/cello, Steven Loy – dirigent/conductor,
3    Tangle za trobento in trobilni kvintet (2015)     14:49
    Tangle for trumpet and brass quintet (2015)
    Reinhold Friedrich – trobenta/trumpet
Trobilni kvinet SiBrass: Franc Kosem – trobenta/trumpet, Jure Gradišnik – trobenta/trumpet, Mihajlo Bulajić – rog/horn, Mihael Šuler – pozavna/trombone, Johannes Ogris – tuba.
4    Dreamcatcher za ansambel (2014) (
listen!)    15:11
    Dreamcatcher for ensemble (2014)
Aleš Kacjan – flavta/flute, Jurij Jenko – klarinet/clarinet, Marija Skender – klavir/piano, Jože Bogolin – tolkala/percussion, Jaka Stadler – violončelo/cello, Nika Brnič – violončelo/cello, Janez Podlesek – violina/violin, Miha Firšt – kontrabas/double bass, Matej Šarc – dirigent/conductor
5    Dvajset v pet (2012/2013)     21:20
    Twenty in Five (2012/2013)
Jure Ivanušič – recitator/speaker, Aleš Kacjan – flavta/flute, Matej Šarc – oboa/oboe, Jurij Jenko – klarinet/clarinet, Paolo Calligaris – fagot/basoon, Metod Tomac, Boštjan Lipovšek, Saar Berger – rog/horn, Klemen Leben – harmonika/accordion, Matjaž Porovne – violina/violina, Igor Mitrović – violončelo/cello, dirigent/conductor- Steven Loy

CD3    Quadrum
1    Capriccio za violončelo in godalni orkester (2016)    12:40
    Capriccio for cello and string orchestra (2016)
    Igor Mitrović – violončelo/cello
Komorni godalni orkester Slovenske filharmonije/ The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra
2    Flux za rog, trobento, harmoniko in godalni orkester (2016)     19:56
    Flux for horn, trumpet, accordion and string orchestra (2016)
Christoph Walder – rog/horn, Anders Nyqvist – trobenta/trumpet, Krassimir Sterev – harmonika/accordion, dirigent/conductor - Steven Loy
Komorni godalni orkester Slovenske filharmonije/ The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra
Posneto/Recorded: Narodna galerija, Ljubljana, 27.9.2016
Tonski mojster/Sound Engineer: Mitja Krže. Producent/Music Producer: Boris Rener.
3    Quadrum za 4 tolkalce in orkester (2016)     26:34
    Quadrum for 4 percussionists and orchestra (2016)
Darko Gorenc – timpani, Barbara Kresnik, Matevž Bajde, Franci Krevh – tolkala/percussion
Orkester Slovenske filharmonije/Slovenian philharmonic orchestra
Ivan Repušič – dirigent/conductor
4    Into the Shades za violino in orkester (2012)     11:38
    Into the Shades for violin and orchestra (2012)
Janez Podlesek – violina/violin
Orkester Slovenske filharmonije/Slovenian philharmonic orchestra
Simon Krečič – dirigent/conductor


CD4    Dialogi in krogi / Dialogues and Circles
1    Koncert za violino in orkester št. 1 (2004)    17:22
    Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 (2004)
    Janez Podlesek – violina/violin
Simfonični orkester RTV Slovenija/The RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra
Simon Krečič – dirigent/conductor
2    Koncert za flavto in orkester (2005)     15:11
    Concerto for flute and orchestra (2005)
    Matej Zupan – flavta/flute
Simfonični orkester RTV Slovenija/The RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra
Evan Christ – dirigent/conductor
3    Dialogi in krogi za trobento in godalni orkester (2010)    22:12
    Dialogues and Circles for trumpet and string orchestra (2010)    
Franc Kosem – trobenta/trumpet

Orkester Slovenske filharmonije/Slovenian philharmonic orchestra
Simon Krečič – dirigent/conductor
4    Potovanje za harmoniko in godalni orkester (2011)     20:10
    The Journey for accordion and string orchestra (2011)
    Klemen Leben – harmonika/accordion
Simfonični orkester RTV Slovenija/The RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra
Simon Krečič – dirigent/conductor



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