ZKP RTV SLO - Basic Facts

Publishing and Record Label RTV Slovenija – ZKP RTV SLO - has been producing, releasing and distributing audio programmes for over four decades. Video releases joined their audio counterparts over twenty years ago. In 1970's and 1980's ZKP RTV SLO was one of the most powerful record companies in the former Yugoslavia, covering nearly all fields of music: rock, pop, chanson, world and roots music, so called polka, jazz, classical music and opera.
In recent years it has been predominantly linked to radio and television programmes of various genres in the sense of additional promotional value, renewal of precious archival productions, both audio and video, and support of new projects.
ZKP RTV SLO produces 60 to 80 programme projects per year, 70% on CD and 30% on DVD, featuring first quality music, childrens animation, fiction and documentary programmes. 
ZKP RTV SLO releases audio and video recordings of RTV Slovenia's in-house ensembles including RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and RTV Slovenia Big Band as well as those by some of the other top Slovenian classical and jazz musicians, such as pianists Bojan Gorišek and Dubravka Tomšič, the Tartini String Quartet, singers Markos Fink and Janez Lotrič, composers Vinko Globokar, Janez Matičič, Janez Gregorc and many many others. One one of the main goals of the label is also to support young talents and their first projects.